June 11, 2018, 8:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Join your fellow ODTUGers for community night events specific to APEX, BI, Database, and EPM. Bond with your peers and meet new friends in a fun environment. Feel free to cross over and check out the other community events, too!

EPM Speed Networking and LipSync Battle - Sponsored by imageedit_5_2249672677.png

Get ready to meet new friends, have a ball, and laugh your face off at this crazy fun event. In keeping with EPM tradition, we are driving ODTUG Kscope to places it has never gone before with a geeky, silly version of speed networking where you might snap a selfie and get #Kscope18 and #KscopePuns trending on Twitter. Maybe you will share a laugh at a joke only EPM nerds get. You might even win a prize! Then after we all know each other better, get ready for a roaring good time as we put five teams of well-prepared lip-sync battlers to the ultimate test. Your applause will choose the winner, so be sure to stay until the last mic drops. As Walt Disney himself put it: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

BI & Database Trivia Showdown - Sponsored by imageedit_3_6452376425.png

The BI community trivia night has been a huge success year over year! To top it this year, the BI community has invited the Database community to a trivia showdown. Everyone is invited, of course, but be prepared to pick a side! The BI and Database communities are competing dolphin nose to swan beak in a singing, dancing, debaucherous night of trivia tomfoolery! Fly or swim by, join a team, and help prove which community is IN IT TO WIN IT! You will be up to your silly hat in fun at this ODTUG Kscope mainstay.

APEX Show & Tell Night - Sponsored by  Insum.png

APEX Show & Tell Night, aka APEX Open Mic Night, is one of the ODTUG Kscope highlights for the APEX community. Attendees can showcase the cool features and APEX applications they're currently using, while trying out the view from the other side of the mic. This year non-speaker attendees are invited to show & tell what they have accomplished with APEX in a fun, casual atmosphere. Every participant will get a fun little prize just for having the nerve to stand up and take the mic. As a bonus, they will also earn the chance to win one of three $25 Amazon gift cards, all while enjoying a beer with their APEX besties. Each informal presentation will be five minutes long (no slides allowed) followed by a few minutes of Q&A from the audience. Please arrive a few minutes early to sign up.