You Can’t Win It If You Don’t Get In It!

mike_president_award.jpgGuest Blogger: Mike Riley

For the first time since 2006 (yes, I ran for the Board for a term starting on January 1, 2006, but was not elected), I will not be seeking a seat on the ODTUG Board of Directors. This was because ODTUG wisely voted in term limits several years ago to help provide opportunities for turnover on the Board. This was a great decision, and one that I supported then and continue to support.

What does this mean to you? If you are not a member of ODTUG, probably not much. However, for our members, this means that at least one of four slots up for election on the ODTUG Board will be filled by someone that is not currently sitting on the ODTUG Board.

Why should you become involved? Well, for one thing, this is a great group of people to work with. The other Board members are extremely committed and enthusiastic. They are a joy to work with. I have formed lifelong friendships with each of them. The same can be said of the wonderful friends I’ve made with our management company, the staff at YCC. They are partners in our initiatives and are devoted to the success of the organization and the user group community as a whole.

Do you want to have a voice in the direction that ODTUG takes starting in January 2013? Do you have time to commit to ten monthly conference calls that run from sixty to ninety minutes each? Will you commit to attending two face-to-face meetings, one at Kscope, and one that normally falls in the month of January? Do you have a passion for technology? Are you devoted to the user group community?

If the answers are yes to the questions in the previous paragraph, then I urge you to put your name in as a nominee for a seat on the ODTUG Board of Directors. Prepare your campaign statement, brush up your bio, and take the next step!

I have benefited from my tenure on the ODTUG Board. I have many great relationships with the members of ODTUG, the greater user group community, Oracle development and product management teams, and our many vendors and partners. I received an Oracle ACE award in 2010, and received a President’s award of appreciation from my fellow Board members.

Will you be one of the next generations of ODTUG leaders? Well, you can, but as they used to say about the lottery, “You can’t win it if you don’t get in it!”

Get in it!

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