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It’s that time of year again, time to vote for the ODTUG Board. Articles IV and VI of the ODTUG Bylaws call for an election of four (4) members to the 2013-2014 Board of Directors.

Only individual members active as of October 1 are eligible to vote in the election. Members should have recieved an email on October 10 from Association Voting, providing them with a voter ID.

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Ron Backmann Glen Chang 
Cindy Eichner Tim Gorman
 Cameron Lackpour   Barbara Morris  Juan Porter   Kellyn Pot'Vin
 Todd Rebner  David Schleis  Tim Tow
Ron Backmann
Ron Backman Campaign Statement
During the past five years I have been a consumer of what ODTUG has to offer and now wish to contribute to the growth of this community. The ODTUG community has embraced me and allowed me to make many valuable friends and to foster relationships with several people I never would have met otherwise. 

Over the next two years I hope to bring my perspective to the board and work closely with them to continue the growth that this board has overseen for the last several years. I have a vision of a more integrated ODTUG experience. With my background and career inside a large organization I have a perspective that would lend some value to the board.
When elected I understand the demands will be many, but I am up to the task and I am ready to volunteer my time to an organization that has embraced me and shown me its good will. Please consider a vote for Ron Backmann. Thank you for your time!

Biographical Statement
Ron Backmann has been an ODTUG member since 2005. He has been with Humana Inc. for sixteen years, the last several as an information management manager. During a brief time away from Humana Inc., Ron was exposed to Oracle APEX and the ODTUG community and has now brought that experience back to Humana where they continue to use APEX and ODTUG.
Ron and his team supply information support and prototyping solutions for later integration into corporate systems. With the help of the ODTUG community and the toolset that he learned about at ODTUG, Ron has been able to take part in building a division within Humana Inc. that has grown from 150 associates in 2007 to almost 2000 by the end of 2012. The growth of this organization is helping Humana’s senior population age more gracefully in their home and bends the cost curve for Humana Inc.

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Glen Chang
Glenn Cheng Campaign Statement
In 2000, I entered the world of Oracle without an ounce of understanding, vision, or even interest in the products I was working in. I surmised that I would simply learn what I could and then move on to “bigger and better” things. Then I got hooked.

Through my work with the Hyperion products and the relationships I built with different colleagues and clients, I felt a fire and a passion that sustained me over the next twelve years. But it was in 2010 when I came to realize that being in the Oracle space meant more than finding my niche and having a career. In 2010, I discovered ODTUG.
My eyes were opened to a truly bigger and better world after I attended Kaleidoscope 2010. Like a freshman walking onto a college campus for the first time, I realized that there was more than just my narrow circle of colleagues and clients. ODTUG had a whole community of users who had a wealth of information, knowledge, and expertise and who also shared the same passion I had. I was again hooked, but this time in awe.

It is my opinion that ODTUG is a great facilitator to ensure that the Oracle community continues to learn and be informed. My desire is to be an integral part of this organization, and I hope your vote will allow me to serve on the board to help ensure the further development of this community. Thank you for your consideration.

Biographical Statement
Glen Chang has worked as a certified Hyperion Planning and certified Essbase consultant for over twelve years, consulting in Hyperion Planning since version 1.2. Glen has over sixteen years of experience working in finance and in the EPM space. He began his career working as a Hyperion Pillar administrator for a large entertainment company before joining Hyperion Solutions as a Planning consultant. Glen has continued in consulting at three other implementation partners, serving as a manager to help develop new consultants in the Oracle/Hyperion space. He is currently the director of consulting services at interRel Consulting.

Over the past twelve years, Glen has successfully led well over forty different full life cycle implementations in a variety of industries ranging from health care to automotive to education to consumer products. 

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Cindy Eichner
Cindy Eichner Campaign Statement:
I have been involved in the Hyperion user community for fifteen years and would like to help shape the future of ODTUG and Kscope which provide amazing opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking, and the exchange of ideas; their growth must continue. I have benefited from so many, and by being a board member, I will be able to give back to the user and developer communities.
I am willing to dedicate the time and energy necessary to be a board member and to use my associations with users, developers, Oracle employees, product managers, clients, and other partners to further the growth and reach of ODTUG. My international experience with many industries will allow me to provide the board with not only the viewpoint of a specialized Hyperion consultant with expansive database experience, but also insight to the skills, education, and tools needed by individuals and organizations building and maintaining applications and systems worldwide.

I want to be your advocate to make ODTUG and Kscope what you want it to be. I will seek the input of the membership at large and together with my experience and the knowledge of pain points encountered by users in the past, I will help the board in determining future areas of focus. I will bring to the board the perspective, leadership experience, and open-mindedness required to be an effective ODTUG ambassador.

I thank you for your consideration and with your vote hope to serve you as a board member over the next two years.

Biographical Statement
Cindy Eichner leads the Planning, Essbase, and Business Intelligence practice at Finit Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in the Hyperion suite of products. She is a seasoned professional who has been delivering performance management solutions for over thirty years utilizing Oracle database, DB2, Nomad, and most recently, the Hyperion suite for the last fifteen years (including Essbase, Planning, HFM, FDM, FR). Cindy is a certified implementation specialist for Essbase, Planning, and HFM. 

Prior to joining Finit, she had her own consulting practice and also spent some time at a large, global financial services organization leading their Hyperion Center of Excellence. Not only does she lead large projects and teams, but she has also been hands-on with all of the software she has encountered over the years. She very successfully bridges the functional with the technical.  She has presented several webinars, written articles, mentored clients and consultants, and delivered training on three continents.

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Tim Gorman
Tim Gorman Campaign Statement
I have shared my enthusiasm and experience since joining the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group ( in 1992. After joining the board of directors in 1995, I served as RMOUG president from 2003-2005 and from 2011-present, directed RMOUG Training Days 2007, and had several other roles. Since 2011, I have served on the board of Project SafeGuard (, a charity providing legal assistance to victims of domestic violence.

These efforts demonstrate how I have been engaged over a long period of time with the professional community of Oracle to provide continuing education to friends and colleagues, and recognition by that community as an Oracle ACE Director and as a member of the OakTable Network. It also demonstrates my involvement with the wider community in aid to those enduring the worst times of their lives. I am an entrepreneur, a volunteer, a technician, and joyously managing business, finances, and technical projects. Professionally, my background as a systems and application developer has enriched, and been enriched by, my accomplishments as a systems and database administrator, viewing the technical side of the IT industry holistically, understanding many roles.

Serving ODTUG, I will bring energy and enthusiasm, experience, and leadership. I will get 'er done, I will build, I will learn, and I will apply what I've learned. And I look forward to having fun and working with the best and brightest. Thanks for your consideration! 

Biographical Statement
Tim Gorman is an independent Oracle consultant ( specializing in data warehousing and database administration. He has co-authored five books, has tech-reviewed eight more, and has written articles for RMOUG SQL_Update and IOUG SELECT magazines.  He is an Oracle ACE since 2007, an Oracle ACE Director since 2012, a member of the Oak Table Network since 2002, and has presented at Oracle OpenWorld, Collaborate, Kaleidoscope, Hotsos, and local Oracle users groups in a lot of wonderful places around the world. Tim lives in Westminster, CO and his daughter attends Colorado State University in Ft. Collins while his son attends graduate school at Charles University in Prague.

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Cameron Lackpour 
Cameron Lackpour
Campaign Statement
Do I still love ODTUG?
You bet. In the last two years I have:
  • Gotten that ODTUG tattoo.
  • Blogged, tweeted, and generally bored everyone I can lay hands on, personally or electronically, with the Awesomeness That Is ODTUG.
  • Served my freshman term on the ODTUG board. In spite of knowing exactly how the sausage is made, I am coming back for more.
Why reelect me to the ODTUG board?
Sometimes the anticipation of an act outweighs the consummation. I think that my desires, hopes, and accomplishments around my first term have been more than fulfilled. In the past two years I have:
  • Led the charge to lower individual membership rates.  It’s now just $99 a year.  What an incredible (really) bargain.
  • Initiated and stewarded the BI/EPM Kscope Labs in the Cloud initiative.  If I had to point to a single accomplishment, this is it! 
  • Passionately and effectively advocated for the EPM community.
  • Been incredibly active in the BI/EPM content selection process. Remember that crack about sausage making?  Meet the butcher’s apprentice.ODTUG board membership means (Hah! More like requests, requires, and demands) hard work and dedication. I am an independent consultant—when I take time out during the work week to do ODTUG tasks, the opportunity cost of that volunteer work hits me directly in my pocketbook; I do it regardless because I love ODTUG and want to support it and make it even better.
Biographical Statement
Cameron Lackpour first worked with OLAP technology in the dinosaur days of Comshare’s System W and saw the Essbase light in 1993. 
Since that life-altering event, Cameron has:
  • Introduced what was then Arbor Software’s Essbase to Johnson & Johnson Corporate
  • Independently consulted since 1996, with a brief foray into working for consulting companies
  • Created solutions for customers using Oracle’s Essbase, Planning, and anything else that ties to those two products
  • Actively posted on OTN’s and Network54’s Essbase board – sharing knowledge makes his day interesting
  • Presented at multiple conferences including Hyperion Solutions and of course ODTUG Kscope
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Barbara Morris
Barbara Morris Campaign Statement
I became a member of ODTUG in 1998. My membership was such a positive experience that I knew I wanted to volunteer my time to assist in any way possible. Eventually, to become more involved, I submitted my name for consideration as a board member and was elected as a director in 2008. I was the conference chair for the 2009 through 2012 Seriously Practical conferences. In 2011 I served as the board secretary and currently fill the role of vice president.

As a board member, my goal is to ensure responsiveness to all ODTUG members, listen to your concerns, and communicate issues to help facilitate resolutions. I will work to foster collaborative relationships with other Oracle user groups to strengthen our community, create new networking opportunities for our ODTUG members, and be your advocate to Oracle.

Biographical Statement
Barbara Morris brings more than twenty years of technical experience with her to the ODTUG board. She is currently a staff engineer/scientist at the Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Cleanup Project where she leads a team of other developers and architects in application development. She has recently taken on the role of customer relations manager over several organizations within the Idaho Cleanup Project where she represents the customer’s needs to the IT organization. She is experienced in Oracle Development Tools and Oracle Web applications and several non-Oracle tools, including MS Visual Studios.

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Juan Porter
Juan Porter Campaign Statement
I welcome the opportunity to contribute to ODTUG in a board position. I have been a dedicated member of Oracle-Hyperion committees and user groups for almost 25 years, as well as an active participant and regular speaker at annual conferences. During this time I have held positions as the vendor, customer, and partner and this experience has given me a strong commitment to nurturing collaborative relationships within the user group community. I would like to offer my experience and leadership to support the needs of the ODTUG community.
Biographical Statement
Juan Porter, president of TopDown Consulting, founded the company in 2000. He has over 20 years combined customer, vendor, and consultant experience with Hyperion, which enables him to bring unmatched insight into the strategic impact of performance management solutions as well as in-depth understanding of the day-to-day realities of managing global applications while supporting users’ needs. Prior to founding TopDown, Juan managed all aspects of Hyperion applications, on a global basis, for ABB, Novell, and SGI. Considered a visionary with an exceptional, proven ability to effectively address complex global business problems through EPM solutions, he is a member of the Oracle Hyperion Partner Advisory Council. Juan has presented annually at Oracle Hyperion User Groups. He has served chair of Hyperion’s national steering committee as well as leading many Hyperion enhancement committees. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Taylor University.

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Kellyn Pot’Vin
Kellyn Pot'Vin

Campaign Statement
As a current board member of RMOUG (Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group), I have served as both the membership/social media director and now as the Training Days 2013 Conference director. I have worked hard to direct RMOUG to a new website design to support social media and enhanced learning opportunities for our members. This investment resulted in a record year for abstracts for the 2013 Conference. The social media project resulted in an average of 382 percent increase in traffic to RMOUG's website.

My time this year has involved making the great Training Days Conference better. I've introduced crowd sourcing campaigns to increase attendee involvement and reached out to new speakers and new opportunities for member education. My valuable networking has fostered an outreach to other technologies realizing that RMOUG is not just about Oracle.

I've always taken my responsibilities seriously and have fun doing it. I enjoy challenges and am quick to finding solutions to problems, offer ideas, and help out. I enjoyed volunteering at the Kscope12 Conference immensely. Everyone I met on the board or already knew inspired me to want to be a bigger part of ODTUG. As my career matures in the next years with Enkitec, I know that I have more to offer than to just one user group, and due to the close relationship that both RMOUG and ODTUG share, I hope ODTUG's board is the one I can offer that time to.

Biographical Statement
Kellyn Pot’Vin has more than twelve years of experience with Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL database. She specializes in database performance tuning and in recent years has been working with multi-TB databases, taking advantage of the newest technology and performance tuning features. Kellyn is well known for her technical blog, She is the director of the RMOUG Training Days Conference 2013, has served as the membership/social media director in 2011-2012, and was a volunteer for the database track for ODTUG’s Kscope12. She's currently co-author on two books in progress for Apress, The Pro Sql Server Guide, and is the lead author on EM12c Complete Reference, both due out in early 2013. She’s performed numerous presentations in the US and abroad on Oracle and SQL Server, including presentations at Kscope, MOW, and Oracle OpenWorld. Kellyn lives in Broomfield, CO and currently is honing her technical skills at Enkitec, an Oracle-centric consulting partner (

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Todd Rebner

Todd Rebner Campaign Statement
It’s an honor to be nominated as a potential board member of ODTUG. Please allow me to introduce myself and request your thoughtful consideration of my board membership.

My involvement in our industry spans fifteen years and includes a diverse and extensive background in various industries and technologies. I have gained unique perspectives providing Hyperion and BI consulting to customers throughout the United States. I am co-founder and managing partner of AdvancedEPM Consulting, an Oracle Platinum Specialized Partner focused exclusively on the Hyperion stack. I sincerely believe this has provided me with a solid foundation and keen insight into the trends and changing dynamics facing our industry. In addition to this I have attended, presented, and exhibited at Kaleidoscope & Collaborate for several consecutive years which has allowed me the privilege of building very solid relationships within the ODTUG community.
If elected, I would be honored to serve on the ODTUG board of directors and will respect the values of ODTUG with responsible leadership, effective governance, and integrity & transparency. I commit to upholding strength of advocacy and responsiveness through effective communication. Ultimately I will listen to you, our members and partners, and make a positive contribution to ODTUG’s values & vision—all while keeping it fun and exciting.

Biographical Statement
Todd Rebner serves as co-founder and managing partner of AdvancedEPM Consulting, Inc., headquartered in Brecksville, Ohio. Todd combines over fifteen years of experience in accounting, information systems, and technology. He takes a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves approach in working with business owners both large and small. Since co-founding AdvancedEPM Consulting, Inc., he has provided Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions for clients in manufacturing, construction, distribution, real estate, retail, mortgage banking, insurance, healthcare, oil & gas, high-technology, and Internet-based companies.

Todd’s experience includes providing a broad range of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions from strategic initiatives such as Balanced Scorecard and Executive Information System solutions to practical solutions such as budgeting/planning applications and business modeling/process improvement initiatives. His experience extends to multiple software solutions including Oracle/Hyperion, Cognos, Business Objects, Microsoft, as well as many others.

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David Schleis
David Schleis

Campaign Statement:
I have been a member of ODTUG for over a decade, and I have been an active volunteer for most of that time. I spent a year on the ODTUG board, and it was clearly one of the highlights of my career. It was an honor and a privilege to assist in guiding the direction of this incredibly diverse and vibrant user group, and I look forward to serving again.

I also spent a year as the content co-chair for Kscope12 which, in all honesty, was a harder job. The hours of phone meetings, the hundreds of e-mails and late nights staring at spreadsheets were expected, but the difficult work came when dealing with the unexpected. However, seeing the result made it all worthwhile.

If elected I will use the knowledge gained and lessons learned from my years of involvement with this organization to tirelessly advocate on your behalf and place your interests above my own.

What defines an “Oracle Development Tool” has changed considerably since I first joined ODTUG in 1999. Not too surprisingly, the makeup of the membership and that of the Kscope attendees has followed suit. We have come a long way as an organization since joining forces, but we still have room to grow as a community.
My primary goal as a member of the ODTUG board will be to foster the collaboration and communication between the diverse specialties within our user community. If you share this goal, I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

Biographical Statement
David Schleis is a systems architect at the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene; a laboratory that provides analytical services for clinical, environmental, and industrial hygiene clients around the world.
Although he started out as a chemist, Dave has been working in IT for over twenty years, and has been using Oracle for the majority of that time. He recently completed work on the rewrite of a large Forms and Reports 6i application to JEE web applications using Groovy and Grails. Dave is also working on the implementation of an Oracle-based Laboratory Information Management System.
David has previously served on the ODTUG board, and was the content co-chair of the unbelievably successful Kscope12 Conference. He has been a regular presenter at ODTUG conferences and has had articles in the ODTUG Technical Journal as well as other publications. He has also presented papers at Collaborate and Oracle OpenWorld to rave reviews.

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Tim Tow
Tim Tow Campaign Statement
I am asking for your support to continue serving the Oracle Developer Community as a director of ODTUG. 

I first became involved with ODTUG in February 2008 as co-chair of the ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008 Essbase Development track and served on the ODTUG board of directors in 2008 and 2009. I was honored that the community re-elected me to the ODTUG board of directors for 2011 and 2012. My seventeen years of experience working with Essbase and Hyperion users includes my continuing contributions to the Essbase community maintaining and supporting the free OlapUnderground tools. These tools have been downloaded over 50,000 times which puts me in touch with tons of Essbase users. This exposure gives me the unique ability to recruit volunteers from the Hyperion community to support the efforts of ODTUG. In addition, I was the first Oracle ACE Director from the Hyperion community and have led the effort to create a team of Oracle ACEs serving the Hyperion developer community.
I strongly believe that the tradition of giving to the community is the responsibility of every member, and I will continue to promote this tradition within ODTUG through leadership. I have presented a number of technical sessions at the Kscope conferences and have participated, with my whole family, in the Kscope Community Service Days for the past five years. Through this style of leadership by example, I believe my efforts will help build a community of highly talented peers working together to help their companies and their careers.

Biographical Statement
Tim Tow is the president of Applied OLAP, Inc. which he founded in 1998. Tim is considered one of the world's most experienced professionals with Essbase APIs. He started his career in 1982 as a Certified Public Accountant with Deloitte and later worked for Leaseway Transportation and Intergraph Corporation. In 1995, Tim became involved with Arbor Essbase (subsequently known as Hyperion Essbase and now Oracle Essbase). Other accomplishments include:

  • Speaker at Arbor/Hyperion/Oracle conferences 1998-2012
  • Speaker at Kaleidoscope/Kscope conferences 2008-2012
  • ODTUG Volunteer of the Year for service on the 2010 Hyperion SIG
  • Charter Microsoft Excel Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
  • Charter Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)
  • Charter Member, XML for Analysis Advisory Council
  • Speaker at Microsoft Tech*Ed 1995 and 1996
  • Co-author of Excel Professional Techniques
  • Co-author of Making Microsoft Office Work
  • Co-author of Developing Essbase Applications

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